Created by We R Interactive, I Am Playr is an innovative, single player, football game that is available on the social networking site, Facebook. In this game, payers can live a life of a superstar striker. They have to build up their skills, buy new tools, and have good relationships with the members of their team. Revenue can be generated by players buying tools in the game, and from brand sponsorship.

Some players opt for purchasing the in-game revenue by spending real world money, whereas some of them download hacks that provide numerous benefits to the users. There are many I Am Playr Hack and cheats available online that are free, and easy to use. However, before you download a suitable hack, it is necessary to do a detailed study of the hack, as most of them suffer from limitations that lead to banning of your account. Our team of professionals has created a 100% crash proof hack called as I Am Playr Hack 2014.

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